Day 9: Let’s Split!

Well, we high tailed it out of Dubrovnik before anyone had time to summon some sort of plague upon us and have begun the journey to Split.

FYI: It’s a 3.5 hour bus journey through the divine Croatian coastline. It costs 136 kuna and is the most picturesque (and cheapest) way to view the amazing scenery. Just remember to have your passport handy because you briefly pass through Bosnia and Herzegovina en route. It’s the kind of beauty that you just need to see and sear into your own memory, because the photos just do not do it justice. 


Here is a photo attempting to do the view justice

In this country, the water seems to reach this deep blue colour that you just don’t see in Australia. It contrasts the pale buildings mounted on the evergreen mountains so perfectly. I really enjoyed cruising along with my strudel and my Jana Beauty water.


I can’t stop drinking this stuff, mmm collagen


Another insane Croatian snack which is a combination of ferrero rocher and Nutella. B-ready to know what heaven tastes like

Split is my cup of tea. It’s a pumping hubbub of activity which is some sort of cross between the gothic quarter in Barcelona and Budapest. I’m all about this vibe. There’s adventure and activity behind every alleyway. This place really conforms to the siesta culture, so everyone is up and about well into the night; the World Cup certainly keeps everyone festive. I really wish we were here longer.


Chillin’ in the square under the stars

The reason we are going to Split, is because it’s where we begin our Intrepid tour. I’ll explain the agenda as we go each day because I think there will be a lot of transit time. We met the group who all seem great, and following a briefly incredibly awkward room allocation mistake (this one I’ll have to explain in person) we went out for an amazing dinner at Articok. I had the risotto and it was baller, followed by an ice cream at what we were told was the best place in Split called Luka – the recommendation was spot on. It was yum!


They certainly didn’t cok this up!

We then headed out to explore the area more and make the most of the night, woo hoo! At some point we headed back to catch some sleep before we continue on our journey up the coast. 


Split is (moon)lit!

I’ll keep this short and wrap it up here. Thanks for reading. Catch you tomorrow!

Haddy x

“There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it.” – Charles Dudley Warner