T – 0

Good morning world! 

Today is the day! 

Hip hip hooray!

In order to really drum up a hankering for a holiday, last week I ventured into country western NSW and worked a few shifts in a rural emergency department. It was fun but busy, and now I am in Sydney suitably switched off from medicine. Today will consist of packing and repacking far too many earrings and googling “strategies to get a free business class flight upgrade” as my excitement quietly amps up into a fervour. 

I’m raring to get to the northern hemisphere. It’s actually The Haddymoon!!!

I’ve realised I haven’t really explained the agenda, other than to say that I’m definitely actually doing this today, so in brief, here it is:


  1. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  2. London, England
  3. Various cities, Croatia
  4. A few places, Slovenia
  5. Venice, Italy
  6. Santorini, Greece
  7. Mykonos, Greece
  8. Athens, Greece
  9. Sayonara, Europe
  10. The throes of post holiday depression, Sydney

In the lead up to this trip, I’ve been romancing nostalgia and reminiscing about life experiences which were worth documenting. I’ve realised it’s unfortunate just how much of the nuance and emotion of adventures I thought I’d never forget, could slowly seep from my mind.

I don’t want to risk that happening on the haddymoon, and I hope that taking the time each day to (briefly) reflect and chronicle even something small will ultimately help consolidate my memories. 

It’s going to be a challenge to think of amusing yet eloquent quips for your perusal, but I’m going to do my best to post something daily. As I’ve already said, I’m super new to the world of blogging and web design so it may be aesthetically average but I hope the content’s competent.  

Haddy x

PS – T – 2 days until my Birthday!

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” 

― Henry Miller

2 thoughts on “T – 0

  1. Have and awesome trip nd the bestest of birthdays. Say hi to my boys are when you see them. Look forward to your posts. Travel well xx


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